Break down on two fronts

I love my Macs in a way that is hard to explain, unless you're like me and have been using Macs since the '80s. Well, my trusty 12 inch Powerbook suddenly decided to die. Thank god for backups. So the last 36 hours or so have been spent transferring, backing up and other things to a brand new Macbook Pro. It's a bittersweet feeling; while a new Mac is always nice, that little Powerbook was a true workhorse, a perfect fit for me in so many ways. I'd resisted upgrading it for a while, but all good Macs must go to heaven some time.

At the same time that the Powerbook decided to die, it was decided that I would be going through with some elective surgery that I needed to get but was holding off on too. So, updates here and on Just Bento will be a bit slower. I have some things already written up which I hope will be postable by me or a helpful elf, but replying to comments and things will have to wait.

I didn't know I had so much synergy with my Powerbook! I hope I can revive her as a media server or something, and I hope I can revive my body parts too.

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I've had that happen to my Mac, I know what it's like! It's great that you had backups!

Take care of yourself after your surgery!

Hi Maki,

I'll miss your great recipes & great comments here & on justbento!

Hope your surgery goes well & you recover quickly!

Glad you had backups - and congrats on getting to know a new Mac.

Hi Maki, I wasn't able to leave a comment on just bento so I leave it here:
I love macs also and had a creen problem with my powerbook after only 3 years. So I bought a i mac.
I will miss you and your talent very much and hope everuthing will be Ok for you. Please take your time and take care of yourself. We'll wait for your creativity with patience.

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

I hope that the surgery goes well, and that your recovery is swift.

I feel your pain. But I'm glad that you got everything backed up and transferred. I wanted a Powerbook so bad but I could only afford an iBook back then, which I still love :) Take care and have a swift recovery.

I hope all goes as planned for both your surgery and the Mac transfer, and that you heel quickly.

We'll be here, for the most part patient, waiting your return and all the great information you provide.

Here's to wishing you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

Hope all goes well and I wish you a full and prompt recovery

I wish you a full and speedy recovery - and no computer troubles from here on out!

Hey, take good care, and have a speedy recovery !

I hope your surgery goes well and your recovery is fast and painless. Fingers crossed for you, Maki!

Gamabatte ne!!! Get better soon. I know that it will be fine!!!

Take care! I hope your surgery goes really well and you're back up and about fast!


Just wanted to say that I hope your surgery goes well and that you get well soon!

Take care.

Hi Maki,

Good luck with the surgery. I will be praying for you that the surgery go well and that you have a smooth recovery.


I hope your recovery is swift.

What happened with the powerbook?

I've been fiddling with my iBook G4, and found that I could fix my broken superdrive by simply tightening one screw that was loose.

Anyways, I'm a fan of your site.

-matt from SF

Hi! I was just visiting your Just Bento site, but all of the archive pages and links seem to have been hacked :(

hi, justbento is fine. You may have just hit it at a busy time for the server. elf.

This is a little bit scary, I too have a synergy with my ibook G4. It was sunday night and about the 30th day with extensive work and almost no sleep when I had the breakdown. (Now I know that it was caused by a genetic fault, and I am on medication). The day after my incident however, my iBook crashed as well, hard to explain, but my loyal friend just wouldnt start. Unluckily, I hadnt taken back up of my work for the last days, and I am still in a bit of a hurdle bc of it. Anyone know how to take a back up straight from the harddrive, meaning how to take a back up without being able to turn on the mac at all? It would help me out a lot if anyone can help me out!!

I hope your surgery goes well, I wish you a speedy recovery!

I'm just fine now - that was written back in March 2008 actually. I think you might have to take your iBook to an Apple service place and have them take the hard disk out and try to salvage the contents :( Or, if you can get a hold of an external hard disk with the OS on it, you could see if will start up from there... in the case of my old PB that died, it was actually the internal hard disk that died (but i could start up the PB with an external it's back in service as an iTunes server!)

(I guess I'll close comments on this. Thank you for everyone who wished me well :))