Bite-sized Japanese lessons on Twitter @mainichinihongo

I know that a lot of readers come to Just Hungry because they are interested in Japanese culture. You may have even taken a look at my language blog. At the moment I don't have the time to maintain the language blog, so I've just started a Japanese language Twitter account, @mainichinihongo (which means 'Japanese every day'. My plan is to introduce one or more words per day-ish, around a theme. If you are on Twitter, and interested in Japanese, give it a try! (I still have my other Twitter account, @bentotips, where I tend to blather on about everything and anything.)

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I've been learning Japanese for the past year - not that much sinks in - and learning to read the Kanas. I was saying to myself this morning that the easiest way for me to learn would be to translate some of the things I say every day into Japanese. Strangely it would be things like "pick up your clothes!" "Do you need a wee?" "Are you hungry? Thirsty?" "Time for homework." "No more cartoons!" etc. The Mommy phrases. It would be even better if I could teach the kids the correct/polite replies as well.

I wonder if there's a phrasebook for Moms out there?

So far, apart from polite introductions, I know by heart is:

Miruku to tomago arerugi des.

Which I taught both kids to say as they have the allergies. They love freaking out the waitress at Japanese restaurants with that phrase.

I'll be following you soon!

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Yep, I saw it in my referrer logs, but thanks for letting me know anyway :) (I always feel funny about talking about mentions of my sites on other sites or MSM etc. for some reason...another one of my over-analytical hangups)