And the winner of the Izakaya book is....(and a small update)

The winner of the Izakaya Cookbook is... Mireia! (Ironically Mireia can't consume alchohol that hasn't been cooked, but hopefully she'll enjoy the recipes and writing in the book anyway.) Congratulations to Mireia, and thank you to everyone who entered. Look for more great giveaways on Just Hungry in the future!

A small update

I'm in the throes of frantic 'must-meet-deadline' mode for my own book. If I meet my first deadline (in less than 2 weeks!!!), I should at least be able to take a shower...I mean, pull my head above water for a bit and update here. Until then, please bear with me!

(Incidentally, doesn't it bug you when people say 'please bare with me'? No I don't want to take my clothes off with you. Geez.

I'm going off on a tangent. Back to work.)

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Haha, I think it's bear, not bare. Kinda like, bearing the load together, or bearing the burden until it's over.

In the olden days they took a bath once a year. If you choose your frame of reference carefully you'll feel wonderfully refreshed and presentable ;-)
Sympathies with the writing! Breathing is recommended.