Food-oriented goals and plans for 2007

In 2006 most of my food-oriented goals were external in nature, oriented towards restaurants and such. This year my goals are quite different.

  • Lose weight and get into better shape. Yep, I really need to do this - being Just Hungry most of the time has not done wonders for my waistline. Is it possible to be obsessed about food yet still lose weight? We shall see.
  • Get better organized in the kitchen, and reduce food waste. I recently threw away big garbage bag full of expired dry foods - not good at all!
  • Explore Swiss food more. I realized that I didn't write as much as I would have liked to on Just Hungry this year about the food of this country, and that's not good. While Swiss cuisine doesn't get much airplay internationally, it's a very interesting place for the food lover in many ways, due to its geographical location, the multiple languages spoken, and other factors.
  • At the moment I am about 75% vegetarian, but I will like to push that percentage up a bit more, for daily eating at least.
  • Continue to write more about Japanese home cooking around here. This is what I get requested to do, and yes I will do it.
  • Take an extended trip to Japan later in the year. I'm way overdue.
  • Take really in-depth looks into how certain foods are made. I've been greatly influenced in my thinking towards cooking by some books I've read this year, in particular Heston Blumenthal: In Search of Perfection and On Food And Cooking by Harold McGee. Heston Blumethal's BBC TV series was really interesting, if slightly wacky. You might see articles of such a nature here, though I do draw the line at making frothy chocolate with a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

All of this is very likely to be reflected in the content of this it's also sort of a preview of things to come.

I'll be back next year, so until then, may you have a safe and fun New Year's Eve and Day!

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