Off to England

I am off to England for about a week. While it's supposed to be partly for work, somehow I've managed to schedule an awful lot of food-related things in there. One of them will be my first molecular biology..I mean.. gastronomy... experience, at The Fat Duck, on Hallowe'en. Concidentally, BBC 2 is going to be showing part 1 of a two-part documentary about Heston Blumenthal that very evening. We're going to lunch so it should be fun to see that after having experienced the restaurant. I hope I can get bacon and egg ice cream, or at least something similar. Of all the famous molecular gastronomists out there, Heston Blumenthal strikes me as the one possibly having the most fun with it, but we'll see.

I'll be doing other fun things too, chief amongst them meeting up with my long-lost friend Mimi. I lost touch with Mimi for about 8 years, until she contacted me only like 3 weeks ago. She used to live in Massachusetts, but is now living in Cornwall. Mimiii! I'm really looking forward to seeing her again, and visiting Cornwall too. Must try to have at least one pasty and saffron bun.

I'll also be doing this. I hope I won't die from the carb overload. If I do, I'm sure it'll be worth it.

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Lucky you to get the opportunity to dine in The Fat Duck! I have been a fan of Heston Blumenthol for a few years. How was your dining experience? Did you also get to eat at the Hinds Head?
Cheers, Heather