Announcing Food Destinations No. 2: My Local Greenmarket

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As I announced last week, by popular demand Food Destinations is back as a recurring event!

Each Food Destinations will now be centered around a single theme, and will be hosted by a different food blogger each time. Number 2 will be hosted by me, since I just happened to have a nice prize to give away to one lucky participant.

What is Food Destinations?

Food Destinations is a food blogging event about introducing others to the food-related places that you love to eat, drink or shop at. Ask yourself the question: If my favorite foodie/food blogger came to my town, where would I take him/her? And try to answer that through words and pictures. Think of it as a food reporting/journalism type challenge, as well as an opportunity to introduce people to your part of the world.

The Theme for FD No. 2 is... My Local Greenmarket

Market stall holder, Dijon, FranceWe are in the last throes of summer here in the northen hemisphere, and the greenmarkets are bursting with colorful produce. So your task is to go out with your camera and your journalistic hat on your head, to survey your favorite local greenmarket. What kind of vendors are there? Where are they coming from? What are they selling? What makes the market unique? Who shops there? What do you love/not love about it?

Please include the location, days and hours (and months if it's a seasonal market) of operation, and driving or public transportation directions if possible. And, the more photos the better!

(If you participated in FD #1 and described your local market already, how about an in-depth report?)

What do I need to participate?

A blog (doesn't have to be a food blog), and a camera.


The deadline is September 2, 2006.

You must post your entry on your blog by that date, and email me the permalink to your entry to maki-at-makikoitoh-dot-com.

Linking and tagging

Please link somewhere in your entry to this URL which will eventually hold the links for past and future FD roundups.

If you want your entry to be searchable by the Technorati tag fd2, you may want to tag it in this way - just include the line somewhere in your post:

<a href="" rel="tag">food destinations 2</a>

Graphical buttons

You can optionally use one of the graphics that are described in this original Food Destinations page. If you know how to modify a PDF file in Photoshop, Illustrator or other graphics program, the PDF file may be your best starting point.

And about that prize...

I have an extra copy of the wonderful autobiography by Julia Child, My Life in France. The FD #2 participant judged to have the most evocative entry will receive this by speedy airmail, plus a nice badge to display on their site.

So..good luck! And if you have any questions please let me know.

Want to host future Food Destinations?

Food Destinations #3 and #4 #3, #4 and #5 are already spoken for. If you have a food-oriented blog and would like to host a Food Destinations in the future, please let me know by emailing me at maki-at-makikoitoh-com. (Offering a prize is not required to host - if you want to you can, of course!)

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