Late Spring Makeover

smallfennel.jpgIt's been more than a year since the last design for this site was implemented, so it's about time for a new one. I managed to break the whole site horribly earlier today, especially in Internet Explorer, but it should be fine now. If the pages look wonky please try clearing your browser cache. It should look rather green, since at the moment I am really into green, especially of the vegetable variety.

Anyway, please enjoy the greenness. If something is really severely broken please let me know.

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Lovely and green and IE friendly!

well it looks good to me from where i am sitting.
when i first opened it up the google ads were displaced over the top of everything but after a couple of seconds they reverted to what i guess is their correct position at the bottom of the post.

Looks great!

I'm a good two years overdue for a site makeover.

I love the fennel motif. I hope you will post some things in the future about how you like to eat this beautiful vegetable...

Looks brilliant! Love the new design!

Thank you everyone for checking! Even though I do check in multiple browsers PC and Mac it's reassuring to know it's not somehow awfully broken somewhere :)

Motoko-san yes I will write about fennel of my favorite (and prettiest) vegetables!