Answering some Food Destinations questions

Some people have emailed me about the Food Destinations event, so I wanted to answer them here in case other people had the same questions.

I don't really know any fancy food places. This event is definitely not about fancy food places or expensive restaurants! Now of course you can include your favorite star-studded restaurants, but to my mind a terrific bakery that sells the best baguette, the deli that serves up amazing pastrami sandwiches, the comfortable café that has terrific espresso, or the open market stall that has to-die-for homemade preserves, is just as much of a food destination as the expensive restaurant. Those are the places that don't show up in the normal travel guides.

I don't have a food blog but I want to contribute Please, do! All you have to have is any blog, or web page, where you can list your choices.

I've already written up some places in my home town. Can I just send you those links? For the purposes of this event please make a new list in one post, though of course you can refer back to your past posts in that list. It may even give you an excuse to re-visit your favorites!

If you have any other questions please let me know!

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can I send multiple entries??

Jo, you can of course describe as many destinations as you want, but please put them all in one blog post and send me that link. Thanks!