Ricola Instant Herbal Tea (Ricolatee)


Well, I had managed to avoid getting a cold all winter, but the recent wild temperature swings here brought on a full-blast case of coughing, fever and other unpleasant things, which came to a climax over the weekend. Thankfully I had my cans of Ricolatee (Ricola Tea).

All around the world, Ricola is mainly known for its herbal cough drops, made from "Swiss mountain herbs". In Switzerland itself though, it's arguably better known for its range of instant herbal teas, of which the original flavor is my favorite. I don't know why instant tea granules haven't caught on everywhere yet. I know tea bags are easy, but granules are easier, especially when you're so sick and miserable that even lifting a teaspoon to stir your cup seems like a big chore.

Some years ago, when my then-boyfriend (who later became the DH) visited me in New York, he went out on a cold October day for an all-day session of photographing the city with his Hasselblad, and came back with a streaming cold that turned into a quite bad one. Delirious with a fever, he kept moaning in a pitiful voice about wanting Ricolatee. It didn't matter what other herbal teas I gave him, only Ricola would do. (Incidentally, in my experience the two peoples who have an unshakeable belief in the innate superiority and high quality of goods produced in their own country are the Japanese and the Swiss.)

I guess it's understandable, because Ricola Tea is really delicious and refreshing. It also has, in its granulated instant form, tons of sugar, which can only make you feel better when you can't stomach any real food. It is said to have at least 13 beneficial herbs in it, though the predominant one is peppermint. It calms down a cough nicely though, so I'm continuing to drink it now at my desk.

Another benefit is that the bright green can it comes in is very cute. It makes a great present from Switzerland in lieu of the usual chocolate and cow bells.

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I fondly recall granulated instant tea from my time in Germany! I wish it was available in the States.

[quote=Lil]I fondly recall granulated instant tea from my time in Germany! I wish it was available in the States.[/quote]

It is available in the US, check the following Web site: http://members.aol.com/HungImprts/

I used to buy it in Chinatown in New York for about one dollar (US) a can. Now it's not sold in stores in the US. It was never properly marketed and advertised, for some reason.

Our kids loved the soothing good night tea when they were little - bit too sweet as they get older. Definitely need the toothbrush before bed, though!

Ricola has an intl. web site in English, http://www.ricola.com/index.cfm?DDF50CE12B351571E228B56CA76F76C1 with a nice page about the 13 herbs. Nothing about why they don't sell in the U.S.

Is the Ricola tee available in Dublin if yes then where??

but is it good for our voice if we were singers? or is normal/instant tea better?