England, England

I am off to England via France (we are driving there...) early tomorrow morning. I will be totally offline during that time (I really need a break from the computer, since I work with it all the time, so I'm not even bringing my laptop...), but I'm hoping to gather some good food tales while I am there.

We'll be staying in a cottage in a village somewhere in the Cotswolds for most of the time. I'm not quite sure what we will encounter there, culinarically speaking. The last couple of times I've been in the U.K., most of the "good" food experiences have involved anything but traditional British food. We had some great Moroccan food and cheap, tasty Japanese noodles in London, great Indian in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and so on. But this time I want to chase down some of the elusive memories I have of great English food, like good pub food, fish and chips, heart-stoppngly fattening breakfasts, and of course, real proper afternoon teas. Here's hoping they still exist.

The Just Hungry blog will be back again in about two weeks.

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Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to your tales of good eats when you return. =)

I just came across this blog via Ana's "North by Northeast" & yr. blog title intrigued me because it echoed MFK Fisher's story, "I Was Really Very Hungry." I wonder if you know it? I've written about it in a post at my blog: http://www.richardsilverstein.com/tikun_olam/2003/05/food_favorites_.html (at the end of the post). It's a fabulous piece of food writing.

Maki, we lived in Japan, so I can relate (and even prepare!) many of your Japanese dishes. We also just returned from England, where I must admit, I was sorely disappointed to find very little traditional English pub food. International foods were everywhere to be found, but not British. We couldn't even take fish & chips for granted. Did you have any success where you went? We were primarily, though not exclusively, in London.

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