The creative balance

There are two types of cooking for me. One is the type you do for sustenance, since we do have to eat every day. The other type of cooking I do for the creativity and the relaxation. Putting together a delicious, pretty, or ideally both delicious and pretty dish is a challenge, and a lot of fun. And that's the type of cooking that I write about mainly here.

It's just at the current time my creative energies are focused on other matters. And much of me leisure time away from the computer has been spent in sowing seeds and planning the vegetable and cut flower garden for this season.

Time is a finite commodity of course, but creativity is also in some way. At the moment the side of my brain that is creative is occupied almost totally with several web sites I am designing (one of them is finished, the others are in various stages). Although I do this for a living, it's also pure fun.

I know that I will get back to creative cooking very soon though. Actually, I have been looking at the puffy clouds in the sky, and that makes me think of....

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...meringues? floating islands? mashed potatoes? :)

What are you growing for cut flowers this year? I think we'll be doing glads, sunflowers & zinnias till we see what grows well here...

Ah, so that's where you've been! Enjoy the clouds...

Yoko...we shall see. hehe.

Shannon I'll definitely grow sweetpeas, since I just love the scent. Sunflowers also definitely, small ones for cutting and the big ones for seeds. Nigella (Love-in-a-mist) is also a must for me - I love the flowers, and the seed pods are really pretty too. A lot of other things probably too. :)

Thanks Elise :)