Japanese grocery stores in the New York - New Jersey - Connecticut area

(Updated January 2011)

This page lists stores in New York, North New Jersey and Connecticut - the NYC Tristate area, plus upstate New York. South NJ area stores are listed on the main USA page.

General New York area notes: The Japanese-American population of the area is quite small, but there is a fair sized expat commmunity. The main areas where they live are in some suburbs of Westchester and Northen New Jersey, in lower Manhattan around the East Village, and near Columbia University. (There used to be a fairly big expat community in Queens around Flushing, but no longer.)

I've also included some bakeries and takeout places (since this is New York after all) and bookstores.

Also see this post which reviews some NYC area groceries.

Note: The stores that I (Maki) have personally visited and recommend are bolded.

Is your favorite grocery store missing? Leave the details in the comments! (Once the info in a comment is incorporated into the main article, the comment will be deleted.)

Statewide chains

Banzai 99 Cent Store
English web site
A general Asian (oriented towards Chinese products) dollar store modelled after 100 yen shops in Japan. Several stores around the state, mostly at the moment in Queens.
Beard Papa
English web site
Actually nationwide at this point. A Japanese cream puff (shuu kureemu) chain. 4 2 locations in the NYC area.

H Mart
English/Korean web site
H Mart is a Korean supermarket chain. There are several branches of this nationwide Korean grocery store in the New York-New Jersey area. Listings on their web site.
Comments about H Mart: Their stock is about 60% Korean food, 20% general groceries, 20% other Asian including Japanese food. Note that a lot of Japanese ingredients and such are used in Korean cooking, so you can pick up stuff like Japanese soy sauce, sake, mirin, miso, etc. at H Mart. When I'm visiting my father who lives on Long Island, I go to the H Mart in Williston Park quite a bit. Their fresh produce area has things like gobo (burdock root) and things that are hard to come by at regular supermarkets and greengrocer's. Their meat section is really good. I kind of wish their frozen food and fresh fish sections didn't smell so 'off' though.

New York City


(I don't really hear about Japanese groceries in Brooklyn, and I don't make it to Brooklyn much when I'm in the NYC area. Anyone?)


No Japanese stores in the Bronx that I know of. Try Manhattan or Westchester.


Manhattan eating tip: Japanese restaurants abound in the Midtown area around 41st street up to about 55th Street, in all price ranges. Look for the lunch specials aimed lure in the Japanese businessmen who work in the area. There is also a fairly concentrated Japanese expat population (mostly students and other young people) around Columbia University and the East Village. You'll find Japanese bookstores and hair salons and the like besides grocery stores and restaurants.

Asia Market Corporation
71 1/2 Mulberry St. (bet. Canal & Bayard Sts., Chinatown)
Tel: 212-962-2028/2020
8:00am〜7:00pm (Mon - Sat), 8:15am〜7:00pm (Sun)
General Asian (Chinese focus) grocery store.
Beard Papa
Astor Place (NYU/East Village) - closed?
740 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
(212) 353-8888
Also at
2167 Broadway (Upper West Side)
New York, NY 10024
(212) 799-3770
Also at
5 Carmine St. (West Village) - closed?
New York, NY 10014
(212) 255-4675
Beard Papa sells Japanese-style cream puffs. I am not a big fan (don't like that fried-pastry layer over the choux pastry) but many people love them. Check their website for current locations. (maki)
Book Off
49 W 45th NY Store (Midtown West)
New York, NY 10036
10:00 - 20:00 7 days
Tel. 212-685-1410
Web site
New York branch of a Japanese used bookstore chain. Book bargains abound here, though the selection varies.

Cafe Zaiya
18 E 41st St (bet. 5th and 6th Aves. Midtown East)
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 779-0600
Also at
69 Cooper Square (bet. St. Marks Pl & 7th St., East Village)
New York, NY 10079
Tel. 212-253-9700
Also a branch at Kinokuniya off Bryant Park (see below)
A Japanese-style bread bakery and cafeteria and takeout place with a mainly Japanese menu of fare. Get your Melon pan, curry pan and other Japanese baked goodies here. Midtown location is larger, and also has Beard Papa cream puffs. But East Village location has items not available at the midtown store. (maki)
Chez Noah
600 Washington St. (at Leroy St., Meatpacking district)
Tel: 212-675-2649
8:00am〜8:00pm (Mon - Sat)
English web site
The web site makes it looks like just another multi-cultural boutique-style food store (a la Dean & DeLuca) but it is listed on a Japanese page as being a Japanese grocery. Maybe worth a look if you're in the neighborhood.
JAS Mart
35 St. Marks Pl. (bet. 2nd and 3rd Aves., East Village)
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212-420-6370
11:00am〜11:00pm (Sun - Thu), 11:00am〜12:00am (Fri and Sat)
Japanese-style coffee shop upstairs, grocery downstairs.
Other branches are closed as of Oct. 2009.
Mini-chain of grocery stores around Manhattan. The grocery part is a fairly typical small Japanese grocery. UWS store was very friendly when I visited back in 2006 - it didn't have a coffee shop. See my review here (maki)

224 E. 59th St. (bet. 2nd and 3rd Aves., Midtown East)
New York, NY
Tel: 212-755-3566
10:00am〜8:00pm (7 Days) (groceries part); 10:00am〜7:00pm (7 Days) (housewares part)
English and Japanese website
The oldest Japanese grocery store in New York - in business since 1939. Has fresh and packaged foods, housewares, takeout bentos, etc. The place where a Japanese food novice is most likely to get friendly help from Japanese shoppers in NY. Website says they ship worldwide (maki).

Kinokuniya Bookstore New York
1073 Avenue of the Americas (next to Bryant Park)
New York, NY 10018
212-869-1700, 212-869-1703
New location for Kinokuniya. Has a Cafe Zaiya inside (upstairs). Besides books, stocks giftwares, craft items, kitchen things and the like. A must-stop if you are a Japanophile and can't get to Tokyo (maki). Their bento box selection has been increased several times over compared to just a few years ago (as of 2011).

57 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007
800-626-2172 / 212-587-7021
Hours: 10am-6pm Monday through Saturday
Showroom and store for a restaurant supply company. Restaurant-quality tableware and knives. If you buy a Korin brand knife here you can get them sharpened here. Also does mail order; ships internationally. Note that the bento boxes they carry are restaurant-type ones suitable as tableware, not lightweight portables.
55 3rd Ave. (bet. 10th and 11th Sts.)
Tel: 212-353-2698
8:00am〜12:00am (7 Days
Korean grocery store with a lot of Japanese products. If you're in the area you might as well hit JAS Mart, Sunrise and here (maki).
56 E 45th St (between Lexington and Third Aves., Midtown East)
Tel: 212-922-9788
Mon–Fri 8am–7:30pm; Sat 11:30am–5pm
English web site
A tiny onigiri (omusubi) takeout place, with about 4 tables should you want to eat there (maki).

Sunrise Mart
494 Broome Street (SoHo)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 219-0033
also at
29 3rd Ave - 2nd floor (East Village)
(between 10th St & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 598-3040
See my review here (maki)
Comments: "Both have a good selection of food stuff (vegetables, frozen foods, staples, fish), kitchen ware, cosmetics, etc. All Japanese goods. The Bro ome Street location has a fresh hot food counter as well and more selection of lunch goods." - (Clarice) A bit scruffy sometimes, but well stocked and a must-stop for Japanese people and Japanophiles if you are in the area (maki).

Tongin Market
91 Mulberry St. (bet. Walker & Bayard Sts., Civic Center area)
Tel: 212-962-6622
9:00am〜8:00pm (7 Days)
Chinese/general Asian grocieries, gifts and sundries, medicines; takeout sushi
Comments: "A nifty place to shop for packaged and frozen foods, as well as some Japanese dishware and candy." -(Ami) (See also Ami's review here)
24 E. 41st St. (bet. Madison & 5th Aves., Midtown East)
Tel: 212-679-3777
11:00am〜8:00pm (Mon - Sun)
Hole in the wall restaurant with takeout bentos, onigiri, and such, plus a small grocery store.

See also Ami's reviews of bento suppliers and some groceries in the NYC area.


Family Mart
29-15 Broadway, Astoria (Queens)
Tel: 718-956-7925
10:00am- 1:00am (7 Days)
General Asian store. Fresh and packaged foods, some housewares, video rentals

Long Island

Nara Japanese Foods (actually formally Shin Nara Japanese Foods but everyone calls it Nara)
169A Main St.
Port Washington, NY (Nassau County, North Shore)
Tel: 516-883-1836
10:00am〜7:00pm (Sun, Tue - Fri), 9:00am〜7:00pm (Sat)
Small but well stocked Japanese grocery store. The store is cramped but impeccable. Food including fresh fish and meat, fresh vegetables, housewares, video rentals. Friendly lady runs the place.(maki)
This was where I used to shop when my family lived on Long Island. I was here last in February 2012, and they're still going strong! (maki).

Shin Nippon-Do Corp
63 Mineola Ave.
Roslyn Heights, NY (Nassau County, North Shore)
Tel: 516-625-1814
Japanese web site
Tue-Sun 10:00 - 19:00 or 18:30, depending on the time of year
Another small yet well stocked Japanese grocery store. A bit bigger and a bit better selection than Nara. Has things like kasuzuke (fish marinated in sakekasu or sake lees), koji for making amazake, and more. Checked out in Jan. 2011. In Nassau County this is the best Japanese grocery shopping option you have I think. (maki).
Note: This store is now part of the Fuji Mart group.

Westchester/Rockland Counties

816 White Plains Rd. Scarsdale NY 10583
Tel: (914)472-1468
Fax: (914)472-1459
Japanese web site
Tue-Sun 10:00 - 19:00 or 18:30, depending on the time of year
Small yet comprehensive Japanese grocery store. Mini-chain of three stores (in Scarsdale, NY, Greenwich, CT and Shin Nippondo in Roslyn Heights, Long Island.)
Kinokuniya Bookstore
3360 Palisades Center Dr (inside the Palisades Center mall)
Third level (floor plan)
West Nyack,NY 10994
Tel 845)353-6600 Fax: 845)353-0407
Nijiya Hartsdale
18 North Central Ave.
Hartsdale, NY 10530
(914) 949-2178
Mon - Sun 10:00am- 7:00pm
English/Japanese website
Part of chain of Japanese grocery stores mostly in California.
Nippan Daido, Inc
522 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605
Tel: 914-683-6735 Fax: 914-683-6737
English and Japanese web site
Japanese mini-chain with stores in White Plains NY and Houston TX. Food, housewares, kitchen appliances, video rentals. White Plains store also carries alcohol. Daido is an old store that has moved around a bit over the years (they used to have a store in Flushing, Queens, once a major Japanese enclave. Their Fort Lee, NJ store has also closed.)


1212 Putnum Ave. Old Greenwich CT 06878
Tel: (203)698-2107
Fax: (203)698-2105
Japanese web site
Tue-Sun 10:00 - 19:00 or 18:30, depending on the time of year
Small yet comprehensive Japanese grocery store.

Northern New Jersey

Mitsuwa New Jersey
595 River Road
Edgewater, NJ 07020
Tel: (201) 941-9113; Fax: (201) 941-5437
E-mail: newjersey [at] mitsuwa [dot] com
English website; Japanese website
Mitsuwa in Edgewater NJ is about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic, from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. The fare is $3 per adult, less for kids. Shuttle bus schedule from Feb. 1 2008. Large supermarket, mostly Japanese products, small regular American products section. Indoor side mall (food stalls, cafeteria style restaurant) plus outdoor side mall.
In the side mall: Sanseido bookstore is smaller than Kinokuniya but well stocked, has loyalty program (buy $200 worth of stuff, get stamps on card, get gift certificate). Utsuwaya tableware and gift store and Mars NY toy, housewares and gift store are connected (not sure if they are related or if it's just a convenience thing). If you are looking for bento boxes, Mars has a limited selection of the cute/kawaii kind. Utsuwaya only has restaurant-type or shokado bento boxes. There is also a Japanese run beauty salon.

My review from 2006.
"Over 2 hours from Philadelphia, so it’s not really close, but my parents and I will often make the excursion to this Mitsuwa because of its wide selection of goods." - (yoko)

Nippan Daido, Inc
Fort Lee store is no longer, but the White Plains, NY store remains. (See above.)
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