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Some food blogs of note.

Karaimame's beautiful cookies, bentos, crafts and more from Finland.

Marta is a chemist from Italy who lives in Berkeley, CA.

Diane Kuan writes about the food of China and Chinese-influenced food.

By Melissa, a 20-year American resident of Paris.

A Berlin, Germany based blog by Sylee, who is from Washington D.C.

A Canadian girl eats her way around Tokyo.

A wine blog by Evelyn, an American woman living in Avignon, France.

By Zsofi, a Hungarian expat in Belgium (mostly in Hungarian).

Clotilde's lovely and long running blog about French food, life in Paris, and much more.

The super-elegant Singapore based restaurant and food blog.

A South African food enthusiast living in London.

A blog devoted mostly to bento lunches. Not all her bentos are just-cute (which is a good thing in my view), but they all look delicious!

Food blog of American food writer, chef and teacher David Lebovitz, who lives in Paris.

Nicki and Oliver’s lovely and wildly popular Münich-based food blog.

Turning a skeptical eye on all the diet related news, fads, trends, etc.

Australian Cass eats and cooks her way around Tokyo.

Asian food rhapsodies, by Robyn and David.

Celia is a Filipina living in the UK who dreams of cooking for a living.

Always lovely recipes from Niki in Melbourne, Australia.

A wonderfully written foodblog by Carolyn from Zimbabwe, Africa.

A food blog by Emi, a Japanese woman living in France. Wonderful recipes. In Japanese.

Learn the business side of food blogging from experienced food bloggers.

A food blog by Linda, an American living in France.

Riana is a ‘food-driven, travel-loving American residing in the south of France with her French husband’.

The Homesick Texan is a quintessential expat.

A foodblog by Ralph, a German living in San Francisco. In German.

Kalyn’s always informative low-carb (mainly focused on the South Beach Diet) food blog.

Béa is a Frenchwoman living in Boston, writing about and photographing beautiful food.

Ilva is Swedish and lives in Tuscany.

A beautifully written and photographed food blog from an American married to a French man in Lyon, by Lucy.

Biggie interprets the world of Japanese bento lunchboxes for English speakers. Loads of good hints and photos.

Vegan/vegetarian-oriented (but not solely veg) Asian cooking and baking blog from Singapore.

Ms. Glaze is an American chef working in a 3-star restaurant in Paris.

Blog written by the New York Times’ food writers, mainly by Frank Bruni.

Harold McGee’s blog, with interesting scientific-food items.

Breathtaking food photos, many dessert and sweets recipes, by Keiko, who lives in England.

Myriam’s gorgeous blog, from Zürich.

Elegant food blog by Michèle, a Canadian living in Paris.

Mike and Tomoko blog about Japanese food from Kobe, Japan - and sell stoneware too!

Cambodian food blog from Australian expat Phil.

Pamela is from Glasgow, Scotland and lives in Basel, Switzerland.

Confessions of a Food Lover on a Budget - American Caryn lives in England.

Amanda is an American living in Brighton, England.

One of my favorite group food blog-type sites, with a nice, relaxed attitude. Somewhat NYC-centric.

Elise Bauer’s lovely site that is about 90% simply recipes. This is one of the most successful food blogs on the net.

A cute French-language blog by ooishiigal, a Japanese girl living in Switzerland.

By an ex-expatriate; food and travel and memories.

A community site dedicated to artisanal (traditional) baking. Great forums.

Robyn’s somewhat scatterlogical posts about eating food all over the place (but mostly in the NYC area, with some forays to Paris) are always fun to read.

From Scotland via the Netherlands and many points in between, by Eva.

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