links for 2006-08-01

continue reading... Becks & Posh: $2.5+k Pledged for Food Runners: A Big Blogathon Thank You to Everyone! Kudos to Sam for raising more than $2500 for her favorite cause! (tags: blogathon charity) Z Gallerie | Iced gems Ice cube trays to...
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links for 2006-07-31

continue reading... Wired 14.08: How To: Play With Your Food Alton Brown describes how to turn a paper shredder into a pasta machine, and other hints. (tags: altonbrown pasta tipsandtricks)...
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links for 2006-07-30

continue reading... Design Observer: A good pan is hard to find Equating design with food (and making cheesecake) (tags: design desserts foodwriting) Friday interview: Ricola's sage man is sweet on mountain herbs | GenevaLunch A great interview by Ellen of a...
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links for 2006-07-29

continue reading... Watching Beirut Die - Antony Bourdain, Salon.com Top class first-person journalism. Requires going through the huge ad thing but is well worth it. (tags: bourdain beirut politics)) Chicago Tribune picks the best 50 magazines All English of course and...
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links for 2006-07-28

continue reading... Diet seesaw swings back to carbs As if to confuse us even more... (tags: diet foodtechnology) On the Stage, Not at the Stove: Bouley, the Missionary David Bouley conducting cooking lessons! (tags: bouley cooking lessons learning) Chef David Bouley...
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links for 2006-07-26

continue reading... Hungry for Whole Foods Residents of a 'transitional' neighborhood in Washington D.C. lobby Whole Foods to open a store there. (tags: wholefoods politics) Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Tim Hayward: Are you a gourmet snob? I love the...
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links for 2006-07-23

continue reading... Threadless T-Shirts - sticks of SHAME I cannot use chopsticks. For this reason, my face burns with shame! And I'm full Japanese! Yes, my secret is out - I need this t-shirt! (okay I can use chopsticks, but not...
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links for 2006-07-15

continue reading... Diner’s Journal - “Tender!” + “Handsome!” = “Dishonest” by Frank Bruni - Dining - New York Times Blog Movie ads do it all the time with reviews. Now it seems restaurants are judiciously editing restaurant reviews, leaving only the...
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links for 2006-07-05

continue reading... Bird flu: worry over ostrich meat exports I've been eating more ostrich meat lately over beef, so this is a bit worrisome. (tags: ostrich meat birdflu foodsafety) gapingvoid: the stormhoek guide to wine blogging go. download.read. (tags: humor wine)...
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links for 2006-07-04

continue reading... SplendidPalate.com: French Food, Gourmet Gifts, Lavender Products A lovely gourmet food store in the U.S. specializing in products from Provence among other things. (thanks Kristen!) (tags: france usa shopping provence mailorder) Japanese food Japan Centre: online food, magazines, books...
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links for 2006-07-01

continue reading... How to taste wine The best advice here: "It’s best NOT to drink water between glasses of wine (unless you’re really thirsty) – water rinses the mouth too clean, and can leave a taste of chlorine or bleach in...
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links for 2006-06-30

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  • Wow why haven't I found this place before? Gorgeous, sleek kitchen equipment online store.
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links for 2006-06-29

continue reading... Ayun Halliday on New York eats Robyn aka The Girl Who Ate Everything asks Ayun Halliday about her favorite NY eats. (tags: newyork nyc books humor) Penn State News: Mushrooms are high in antioxidants A bit old, but this...
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links for 2006-06-28

continue reading... A great frozen drink. | Ask MetaFilter Suggestions for frozen drinks for a block party (other than margaritas). I have frozen drinks on my mind lately.. (tags: drinks summer party) 1000 recipes - what happened? Whatever happened to the...
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links for 2006-06-27

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links for 2006-06-26

continue reading... Strawberry Fields Forever -- megnut.com Great article from Meg of megnut, where she worries about family traditions disappearing, such as making strawberry jam. One (of many) goals I have in my food life is trying to preserve some of...
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