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2012-01-09 20:47Monday photos: Winter in Provence
2012-01-04 19:01Mochi and New Year's article in the Japan Times, plus a very rich buttery mochi dish
2011-12-19 17:52Monday photos: Santa
2011-12-15 03:52My father's favorite Tampopo scene
2011-12-12 18:30Monday photos: Last chance sushi at Narita Airport Terminal 1
2011-11-28 19:42Monday photos: Kaki (Persimmons)
2011-11-25 13:29Sweet potatoes (satsumaimo) in the Japan Times, plus an update
2011-11-14 06:50Hiatus
2011-11-07 12:17Accidental butter
2011-11-02 18:03Reader beware.
2011-10-31 12:01Monday photos: Coffee break in Japan
2011-10-28 13:35A recipe for katsudon, plus tonkatsu and pork in The Japan Times
2011-10-24 15:22Monday photos: The iPhone 4S as a camera for food bloggers
2011-10-20 17:15Spring rolls (harumaki), Japanese style
2011-10-17 14:39Monday photos: Sanma (pacific saury) is the quintessential fall fish
2011-10-13 11:29Nanban sauce glazed onions
2011-10-10 16:53Monday photos: Hotel Le Royal Lyon
2011-10-09 09:43A full review of Supermarket Woman by Juzo Itami
2011-10-03 14:35Monday photos: Yuzu miso container from Yaosan, Kyoto
2011-09-26 20:05Monday photo: Sack of bread, Aix-en-Provence

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